If We Want To Marry Men, We Will Marry Them Because We Can Afford The Bride Price— Blessing CEO

Nigerian relationship therapist and expert Blessing Nkiruka Okoro, who is better known as Blessing CEO has taken a lash at one of her followers who advised her to set aside her pride and find a husband before she reaches 40 years of age. Earlier, Blessing CEO posted that she had a fight with her man but she will not call him to apologise even though she knows she is at fault. She revealed that she will not call him because women have pride, they are not supposed to apologize to their partners even when they are wrong.

However, one of her followers told her that she may reach 40 years without marriage because of that pride. He added that she is always going to church to pray for a husband when she could have secured one 10 years ago but her pride did not allow her to do that.

Responding to his comment, Blessing advised him to stop making noise because if women want to marry a man, they will marry him because they can afford the bride price.

“Stop making noise, any little fun you hear until you are 40. Listen, if we want to marry men, we can afford the bride price so close your mouth.” She wrote.

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