If A Woman Lack These 3 Important Things Please Don’t Marry Her

Most men have fallen victims to fake love cycles and failed to win over the best ladies to build a strong marriage and happy family. This is due to the lack of ideas on an ideal woman to date and marry. In the current generation, most guys value looks and beauty more than character and responsible ladies. This article gives the things every man should look for in a woman before tying the knot.

1. A lady who gives you peace of mind

Before deciding to marry, one is advised to take as much time as possible during the courtship period. This will help you understand your partner well in terms of behaviour, likes and dislikes as well as how they handle any unpleasant situation. A good woman should always feel remorseful whenever she does something wrong. She should be humble, polite, caring and help you whenever you’re under any kind of stress.

2. A supportive woman

Due to societal aspects of gender equality and equity, women have been greatly empowered and some of them earn huge salaries than most women. However, some of them tend to neglect the critical responsibility of being supportive to their husbands especially on the financial aspects. It’s a bad way of thinking that the man should be the sole provider in the family. This usually leads to a failed marriage and therefore every man should identify a lady who appears to be supportive before deciding to marry. Men are also urged to avoid marrying lazy women who are not self-driven and motivated to work and bring anything to the table.

3. A loving and caring woman

Love is the cornerstone of any successful marriage. As a man, always take good care of your woman and monitor closely if she cares about you back with the same energy. If for instance a lady always reminds you to buy her personal effects and fails to tell you to do the same for yourself, then she might not truly care about you. A good caring woman should ensure you are neat and at times help you replace personal effects that are old such as socks and toothbrushes. These small things are so valuable and speak volumes creating a strong bond. Most men just require to be loved back unconditionally and they will do anything to build the best families.

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