I Slept With My Employer’s Husband For Revenge Because Of How She Mistreated Me – Nanny Narrates

Marriage is a lifetime commitment between a husband and wife and should be also ordained by God as well.

However, according to Justine Mwende, she had an affair with her employer’s husband after the woman mistreated her very badly.

“My madam often treated me badly, but her husband has always been the good who console me and shout at his wife anytime he treated me that way. Sooner or later he started falling  in love with me and I decided to take the chance as a revenge on my madam,” said Mwende.

“Nilikuwa nimeajiriwa kazi ya nyumba, (I was employed as a Nanny) but my employer-the lady made my life in their house a living hell, she treated me like trash, I would even stay hungry the whole day without eating any food and also work the entire day,” she added.

The nanny said her employer’s husband seduced her one day and when she thought about her harassment she goes through in the hands of her , she accepted.

We even made love on their matrimonial bed several times  whenever she left early for work,” she added.

The affair went on for some time until one day the man’s wife accidentally bumped onto a pile of deleted messages sent between her hubby and me  in the recycle bin of her hubby’s phone.

“I just can’t explain how embarrassing the whole scenario played out but just to summarise it, I was frog matched towards the gate and kicked out like a thief, it was very  bad,” she said.

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