“I Pity Osinbajo On The Likely Outcome Of This Primary Election” – Adamu Garba Saya

Adamu Garba, the former presidential aspirant who recently withdrew from the race has said that he feels that the Vice President of Nigeria and one of the All Progressives Congress presidential aspirants, Professor Yemi Osinbajo may not win the primaries.

Adamu Garba who was a member of the ruling party said that he has pity on Yemi Osinbajo over the likely outcome of the presidential election which is holding this night.

He made this statement following what he has observed so far about the election. To him, the presidential ticket is far from the Vice President who many people said betrayed Tinubu.

Recall that many people, especially the supporters of the ruling All Progressives Congress frowned at Yemi Osinbajo when he declared his interest to run for president under the ruling party. They frowned at him because they expected him to forget about his presidential ambition for the moment since Tinubu has already declared his interest in the political post.

Osinbajo’s persistence to contest for president made many people see him as a betrayal. However, Adamu Garba believes that Yemi Osinbajo will lose the primaries because he betrayed Tinubu.

He said that Loyalty is the best political asset, implying that Osinbajo would have remained loyal to Bola Tinubu and step down for him. This may give him an upper hand when next he wants to contest for the same post.

What do you think is osinbajo’s fate in the election?

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