How To Use Raw Ginger Extract To Clean Out Excess Sugar And Cholesterol From Your Body

Ginger is readily available in different parts of Nigeria. It comes in different varieties, characterized by different sizes, tastes, and appearances. How often do you make use of it? Have you ever used its extract to prepare food? If not, you need to kindly read this article as it discloses how you can use garlic to reduce your sugar and cholesterol levels.

According to a publication credited to, ginger extract has been used right from ancient times due to its medicinal properties. New medical research has confirmed its efficacy in the management of blood sugar levels, and also in removing excess cholesterol from the body.

A 2015 study carried out among 41 diabetic patients showed that there was a 12 percent decrease in their fasting blood sugar when they were served 2 grams of ginger in 24 hours. This shows how promising ginger extract can be in the regulation of blood sugar in people battling type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. The extract also reduces hemoglobin A1c, which also play a vital role in maintaining long-term sugar level.

In terms of high cholesterol levels, also reported the significance of ginger extract in the reduction of bad cholesterol low-density lipoprotein), total cholesterol, and triglycerides. A 2018 study conducted among 30 people shows a 17 percent decrease in cholesterol level after they were served 5 grams of ginger extract per day over a 3-month interval. This is especially useful as it protects the heart and blood vessels against atherosclerosis.

How can you make use of the ginger extract to achieve these results? There are so many simple ways that have been proven effective. Firstly, you can chew fresh ginger at any time of the day. You tend to start seeing the result if you stay consistent over a long period. Secondly, you can dry ginger and grind it into powder. You can then add this powder to your daily delicacies. You can also blend fresh ginger with water from a fresh ginger tea. Most people prefer doing it that way.

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