How To Tell When A Guy Is Just Using You

Knowing the signs that he is using you can help women take accurate measures and avoid emotional breakdown later in the relationship. Falling in love is a thrilling experience that gives you butterflies, but it may not always go how you expected it to be.

Not all relationships are constructive, and it is always better to realize that you are not his priority and he is just using you. You may want to make him happy, but it is never enough.

Some indicators could help you if he is into you or just using you. Read on to explore a few signs that he is using you.

1. He will almost never initiate first contacts. (E.g. Good morning texts or calls and so on).

2. Discussions or interactions will be impersonal or vague. He will seem rushed or hurried when you initiate with him (he will be distant).

3. Interactions will be brief, infrequent and have specific objectives, lacking spontaneous or random feel.

4. He wont ask “about you”. Questions like: ‘What do you think’, ‘how do you feel’, ‘how did that make you feel’ or “WHY do you think that”, and so on.

These are important personal questions anyone who cares knows.

5. Often he will talk to you at specific or predetermined times. He will call or text at same times (quick or brief). They won’t be spontaneous. This is because he does it when on a break because he feels he needs to. Not because he wants to. He will have you call only at specific times or request you call him on schedule always (He is doing “more important things”). Make sense?

6. A guy who cares about you works to earn your trust, respects you, is open to you and talks to you. You feel good talking to them and ask them thing, either for help or advice (it is hardwired or atural). You ask your man for support. A guy who does not like you rarely gives advice or has this with you. It’s one of the signs he is using you.

7. He is not vulnerable to you. You are his girl or woman. He should ask for your help, love or support. He should let you make him feel better (non s£xual) or take care of him. On the flip side, this means guys who use you push you. They don’t seek your support, love or opinion.

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