How To Make A Man Respect You

The truth is, there is no fast and easy way to make a man respect you. You can’t make a man respect you anymore than he can make you respect him.

The real secret to how to make a man respect you is to consistently be a woman he feels is worthy of his respect.

With that in mind, here’s how to make a man respect you:

1. Respect yourself. To get the respect of others, we first need to give it. And to do so, you need to respect yourself. This means you carry yourself with dignity, don’t put up with things and drama, set and assert healthy boundaries and speak up for yourself whenever required to do so.

2. Don’t project your self-hate on good men. A lot of young men nowadays do this too. Projecting self-hate means to spew hate everywhere you go and to blame men for all your problems. Nobody really wants to be around a person like that. Instead, consider being more compassionate towards yourself and others by practicing self-love and polite detachment.

3. Cultivate integrity. A reason why most men lose respect for their girlfriends (and why women lose respect for their boyfriends) is because their personality is incongruent. This means their actions don’t align with their words and vice versa. It is very difficult to trust someone like that.

4. Don’t put on a mask to impress anyone. This counts for men too. Because putting on a mask always backfires and it makes you look fake. So why not just be honest and put your real, authentic self out there. This way, you are way more likely to find a partner you actually like, a partner you are compatible with on a deep level and won’t end up in a marriage with someone you hate deep down.

5. Don’t try to fix broken men. Because you can’t fix anyone. Especially not someone who is not willing to acknowledge their own flaws and problems. The only person you can fix and control is you. Most men, especially the narcissistic men lose respect for women who tolerate abuse because they believe they can somehow fix a narcissist. Same goes for men. You can’t turn a s£xually promiscuous woman into an innocent virgin unless she herself decides to cultivate a different lifestyle.

6. Date and pick the types of men you think are right for you instead of dating the types of men society tells you to date.

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