How to Make a Difficult Woman Fall in Love with You

She is confident, bold, and self-assured, and she has no idea that you exist, and even if she does, she doesn’t seem to care.

Getting such a woman’s attention may be more difficult than getting the attention of another woman from a different social class, whose boundaries may not be as high.

As you know, this woman already has a lot going on in her life; she probably doesn’t need you all that much, so you’ll just be complementing her life, either enhancing it or leveling it up completely. Getting past her thick skin will take more than a friend request or some playful flirting. If you want to win her over, you must demonstrate that you value her uniqueness and that you deserve her respect in return.

But how do you get her attention, get to know her, and break down her defenses? In this post, I will be revealing three ways to make a tough woman fall in love with you. Let go!

1. Get her attention.

Strong-willed women are accustomed to being in charge; it’s a thing for them, so if you’re a guy, I would advise you to approach her and take charge of the situation. Tell her that you are interested in her.

Although she has been in complete control of her life and other aspects, she probably doesn’t get that often, such as men wanting to come in and take over her life.

However, you must be careful not to be overly blunt, forceful, or demanding, as this may raise a red flag for her and cause her to shut down her walls right in front of you.

Another thing you should do is possess confidence. Men who exude confidence pique the interest of tough women. They are astonished at where that confidence is coming from.

Remember, she’s probably used to being the most confident person in her space, so when another person approaches her exuding the same or even more confidence, it gets her going. So, if you want to catch her attention, confidence is a must. Allow your true personality to shine through, and if it’s something she’s truly interested in, she’ll open up and engage you a little more.

2. Strive to know her better

You need to get to know her now that you have her attention. Take your time figuring out who this mysterious woman is. Discover what makes her so strong. What is it that inspires her? What is it that motivates her? Dig a little deeper, and things that can be used to spark conversations will eventually emerge.

Remember to approach her with no judgment; just be open-minded and listen to what she has to say; that’s all she wants. Remember that everyone is unique, so remember to treat her differently and leave your prejudices at home.

You may have heard stories about her, but instead of listening to speculation, be the guy who goes the extra mile to find out who she is. Show interest in her hobbies, get to know her friends and do things with her.

Then you’ll know exactly what she likes, and before you can say jack, you’ll be hitting it off.

3. Break her walls down.

You must not allow yourself to be shooed away to break down her defenses. A girl or lady with her image and social history may be less open to letting you into her space and telling you everything you need to know up front in order to build a good relationship with her.

But don’t be discouraged because such people usually only require a small amount of effort to make things happen. I recommend that you continue to be available to her whenever she requires you.

Such women are usually very guarded because they’ve seen a lot, and it takes a little longer than usual to get them to open up to you and begin to engage at the level you’re looking for. As a result, you’ll need to be a good friend to break down her defenses. You must be genuine, offer your time when she needs it, be a good listener, and be available to her.

However, don’t be like the other guys who say I love you or I’m falling in love with you after only meeting her for 24 hours. Before you say something, make sure it’s what you’re feeling.

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