How To Know When Intercourse Is Becoming Too Much

According to Healthline”, the duration of intercourse is one of the most complex questions that many people have struggled to answer. The concept of “too much” intercourse, is usually used to shame people about the fact that they’re sexual beings.

There are different ways you can know if intercourse is becoming too much. Some of them include;

. Assess your feelings

This is one of the first ways to know that you are having too much intercourse. Is your gut telling you you’re having too much intercourse? Then you might be. What counts as “too much” comes down to what feels like it to you.

. Review the why

The reason why you are having intercourse is also enough to help you know whether you are having too much intercourse or not.

If you’re using intercourse to fill a vacuum, to cope with the fact that you were just fired, or financial woes, then you’re using intercourse as a coping mechanism and it may be time to bop out of bed.

. Check for physical side effects

Some of the signs you need to watch out for include;


Soreness or numbness

Inflammation or swelling

Pain during intercourse

Urinary tract infection

Strained neck

If you start having these effects, you need to slow down because intercourse should be enjoyable, not a cause of bodily damage.

. Assess your attitude towards intercourse.

. Determine the cost

Are you regularly late for work functions, plans with friends, or dinner dates because you’re having intercourse? This might show that you are having too much intercourse.

Everyone should take note of these tips.

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