How To Get Rid Of An Inferiority Complex

Anyone in the world, big or small, fat or thin, black or white, can feel somewhat inferior to everyone else at times during their lives. We tell ourselves that we aren’t good enough, pretty enough or smart enough, but these comments are in no way based on facts. Luckily, there are lots of simple steps you can take to overcome an inferiority complex.

1. You have to deal with your past and tackle difficult emotional memories. Understanding these layers can help you find the root of your problem. And once you understand your feelings better, you can take the necessary steps to overcome them.

2. You need to be kind to yourself. try to be kind, anyway. Practice self-care. And not just to your mind. But to your body and soul as well. Eat healthier food. Practice meditation. Go out and enjoy things that you love doing. Take care of your needs, and hopefully, everything else will get easier.

3. Try to surround yourself with people who uplift you. choose the kind of relationships that make you feel good. Be with the people who make you feel that you’re enough. You will notice a big change in your life.

4. Learn to say no and practice the art of “silence”. saying “no” is another form of self-care. Don’t do anything that is not helpful or enjoyable to you just so other people might like you. In addition, you don’t always have to tell everyone everything just to seek validation. This only distracts you from focusing on yourself. Instead, learn to appreciate the art of being silent. It doesn’t mean you can’t reach out to people, but you also don’t need their validation to make yourself feel better.

5. Be more assertive. The first person that is stopping you from being happy or successful is you. It’s hard to be brave. But you can choose to act now and be brave later instead. The important thing is you go out there and try.

6. You have strengths. Recognize them. It’s easy to get caught up with all of the things you’re not. But those things don’t define all of you. There are so many good things about you. Take out a piece of paper and write everything you are good at. You’ll find that you have more strengths than you believe.

7. Talk to yourself better. Do you berate yourself a lot? The way we mentally “talk” to ourselves affect how we communicate outside of it. Learn to have an inner voice that encourages you as worthy. When do you “negatively self-talk?” Try to change it and cultivate an inner voice that affirms your strengths instead of negating them.

8. Embrace what makes you different. Instead of trying to conform to society’s ill-conceived images of happiness or success, learn to embrace your authentic self. So what if you’re a little different? Who cares? There’s a difference between knowing what you want to do as opposed to knowing what you think society wants you to do.

9. Let go of any unreasonable expectations. There are certain things out of your control. You can’t always will yourself to be something you’re not. If it’s something that feels unnatural to who you are or something that makes you worse rather than better, then it’s not worth it. This can apply to your relationships, goals, or capabilities. At some point, you have to recognize that you’re better off moving on.

When feelings of inferiority affect how you live your life, then you need to do something about it. Don’t live the rest of your life feeling like this when you can become a better and happier person.

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