How To Get People To Like You

Nobody can be liked by everybody, but sometimes it’s important for your social life or your career to become more likeable. And it’s possible. Channel your inner social jiujitsu master and get almost anyone to like you. Becoming more liked might just be as easy as taking some extra interest in their life and interests!

According to Wikihow, here are some ways to get people to like you.

1. Personality mirroring: match their energy level. This shows empathy and it makes people feel understood and safe when they’re around someone who “gets” them. This mutual understanding can be shown through speaking at the same volume, adopting a similar tone etc.

2. Laugh at their jokes, listen attentively and show your interest through affirmations or gestures.

3. If they’re interrupted, ask them to continue what they were talking about. This shows you care, and it shows you’re aware of their emotions and are invested in what they’re talking about.

4. Give genuine compliments. Don’t do this excessively, but when you notice a remarkable quality, be sincere in complimenting them.

5. Read their energy and respond to it. If they seem busy or frustrated, give them space but let them know you’ll be around if they need to vent. If they reach out, then be receptive and ready to talk. If they seem indecisive and just want to reach a decision- make a decision.

6. Ask them about the things they’re interested in. Learn about the things they’re into, and show enthusiasm for their hobbies. People usually have things they geek out about, and if you show genuine interest and ask them to talk about their passions, this usually puts people in an automatic good mood and they like you more.

7. Respect their boundaries. Some people are too gung ho about being liked, so they can try too hard and end up pushing someone away. If it’s made clear that this person wants space, or if they don’t respond- don’t force things. Respect their boundaries and if you get a bad reaction to some well-intended gesture- ease up. For example, people in a new relationship might try so hard to please their partner, like buying them expensive gifts, that this can be off-putting. Show interest, but don’t take it to extremes and be attentive to what this person responds well to, and what they seem resistant to.

8. Don’t just affirm, but contribute. People can be overly agreeable in an attempt to be liked, but this can be counter-productive and come across as disingenuous. If you sincerely agree with them, highlight the consensus, but make a unique contribution. This shows you’ve actually thought things through and you’re not just agreeing for the sake of it.

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