How a man’s spiritual father introduced him to a brotherhood of wealth and riches

How a man’s spiritual father introduced him to a brotherhood of wealth and riches

A friend of mine who has been successfully and significantly placed in the society invited me to his  home town, Bonny in Rivers State 3 years ago .

I met my friend in our university days and since then we have been relating very well. However, he keeps asking for my welfare and send me money at intervals. He asked me what type of work am managing in Lagos. I told him that i am a civil servant who depends on monthly salary to keep my family. That was when he decided to invite me to Bonny his home town.

However, because of my tight schedule in the office, i was unable to visit him until April 2021. As i paid him a visit he welcome me into his beautiful compound and later went out to see the beauty of Bonny Island situated beside the sea. The city many referred as small London is really a place of blessing.

The following morning he took me to their brotherhood temple and asked me to belong so that the secret of wealth will be opened for me. I denied the offer because i don’t want to be a partner to any brotherhood.

He decided to stop for a while and asked me to think about it .Later he came with a decision that brotherhood are of different purpose , but unity  in purpose is the most important goal. Therefore you are invited to become rich and popular.

I came back home and made Spiritual enquiry about it through a friend who referred me to Chief Dr Odinaka Eze Spiritual Home, phone+23407089132605, WhatsApp+23407089132605. Address No 8 Eze street college road Mgbidi Oru west along owerri-Onitsha Exp way Imo state Nigeria. The Spiritualist told me that i have a golden opportunity ahead of me and that I should go and belong to the brotherhood.

I called my friend that I am ready to join the brotherhood and he asked me to travel down to Bonny Island after sending me #1million for flight to Port Harcourt. Infact I got to Bonny Island at 5.00pm and my friend was very happy to see me. Within a short while, the deal was done.

Today i can gladly boast of a Manson in my community and Lagos. I am relatively rich because i have many business establishment across the country. I travel to abroad at will because i am now a boss with many dignified personalities working under me.

Sincerely speaking brotherhood does not have any thing to do with blood. It a group of like minds working in unity to help one another for prosperity and achieve greatness in life

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