How A Man’s Organ May Get Stuck Inside The Woman’s Organ And What To Do If It Happens

It seems impossible or highly exaggerated to say a man’s organ can get stuck in the woman’s , but it is not. It’s very rare and mostly only last a few seconds. According to healthline, here is how it occurs and what to do if it occurs.

How it occurs

When a man is in the mood for intimacy, blood flows into his organ to make it ready for action, and it may continue to grow in size as more blood flows into it. Also, during s£x, the woman’s organ also contracts and relaxes, especially during orgasm. During intimacy, the woman’s organ muscles may contract more than normal, causing the its opening to narrow and thus making it difficult for the man to pull out. This may cause a slight pain or discomfort, but as both reach orgãsm, the woman’s organ wall will relax and blood will flow out to the man’s organ to reduce the hardness and also the size. After this happens, the man will be able to pull out easier. The time taken for all this to happen varies.

What to do if it happens

It’s not easy, but the worst thing to do is to panic when this happens. Panicking might make you try to forcefully pull out, and this will only make it hurt more or even cause further damage. The best thing to do is to try to stay calm until the muscles relax before pulling out.

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