HH Is A Dictator, He Doesn’t Want A Strongest Opposition Leader To Be Talking

HH is a Dictator, He doesn’t want a strongest opposition leader to be Talking

By Eukeria M’banga

Self proclaimed politician, one and only Member of his political party Chilifya Tayali has claimed that the current of Zambia H.E Mr Hakainde Hichilema is a dictator who is trying by all means possible to silence him.

Speaking to NewsPoint Tv this morning Mr Tayali said that president HH should distance himself from being a dictator as he is or face impeachment, he further claimed that 18million people of Zambia needs his voice as a strongest opposition leader and incoming president of Zambia.

Chilufya Tayali is well known rapist who raped several women and escaped charges through PF government, in 2019 he almost raped his first born child and family members slept on the matter.

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Chukwuedo Stanley
Chukwuedo Stanley
3 months ago

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