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Group To Improve Employability Of Nigerian Youths

Group To Improve Employability Of Nigerian Youths

A professional advocacy group known as EnterpriseNGR which is championing the transformation of Nigeria into the premier financial services center in Africa, will on Thursday unveil a youth enterprise internship programme.

The programme is designed to address national youth unemployment and enhance Nigeria’s future productive capacity.

Research has it that about 55 per cent of unemployed Nigerians are youth aged 15 – 34 years. This is indicative of an apparent gap in youth employability that needs to be addressed.

The Group said in a statement that the programme aims to improve the skillsets, professional competence, and employability of young graduates.

“Youths who will participate in the YOE will obtain invaluable work experience and networking opportunities that will position them for meaningful career journeys,” the statement added.

Obi Ibekwe, the Chief Executive Officer of EnterpriseNGR was quoted in the statement to have said “We all know the difficulty young people face in finding jobs. With YOE this will be a thing of the past.

“EnterpriseNGR is leveraging its reach to raise a network of premium organizations that are willing to offer internship opportunities to young Nigerian graduates.”

The statement added that employers participating in the youth internship programme will have the opportunity to guide and evaluate placed talent for six months before considering them for recruitment.

They will be able to cost-efficiently build a pipeline of entry-level talent, reduce the size and scope of their orientation programs, and improve the performance of their organizations by infusing fresh academic knowledge, digitization and innovation into their systems as well.

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