Foods That Are Capable Of Causing Kidney Stones If Taken Regularly

Are you aware that some foods are capable of causing kidney stones if consumed often? Stones are hard minerals that form in the kidneys and they can be very disturbing and even in the long run cause total kidney failure or damage; the most common type of kidney stones people suffer from is the calcium Oxalate kidney stones.

These stones form when calcium in urine comes together with oxalate that is found in many foods and culminates in kidney stones. But in this article, in line with a publication on WebMD, we are going to be having a look at the various high oxalate foods that you should beware of if you have ever suffered from kidney stones or want to prevent it by all means. Just sit tight and enjoy this article while learning something new.

What Are The Foods That Are Capable Of Causing Kidney Stones If Taken too Often?

1. Sodium found in salt can cause or raise a person’s risk of kidney stones. The more unfortunate aspect is that, most readymade foods also contain sodium as it’s used for the preservation. This makes it unhealthy for people to always consume sodium rich foods for the sake of their kidneys.

2. Some high oxalate foods can also raise a person’s risk of kidney stones and they are as follows; you should not avoid them but try as much as possible to limit the intake of these foods if you are at risk of kidney stones; spinach, almonds and cashews, baked potatoes, okra, french fries, sweet potatoes.

3. Some animal protein may also raise risk of kidney stones. Some of these foods include, beef, pork, eggs, cheese, fish and as such, you should be wary of the rate at which you consume these type of foods to avoid putting yourself at risk of kidney stones. One good way of removing or reducing the risk of kidney stones is by taking enough water regularly.

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6 days ago

Be brainy all thus food are antioxidants and fights cancer.stop putting fear in people

And you are about saying red oil is hazardous again..when u put groundout oil on a stove no matter the heat,it remains intact,y?because of the fight in it..not just fat but saturated fats..

While red oil on a stove burns out cause the fat in it is minimal

Technically those who consume groundout oil retains it fat in the body especially under the skin gland blocking the hairy holes..while does who consume palm oil can exercise the tiny fat out by literally sweating cause the hairy gland is not blocked..get your facts right

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