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Female Student Of Poly Ibadan In Coma Dies

A female student identified as Aramide, from the Ibadan Polytechnic, has reportedly departed after a marathon romp with her boyfriend, Oromidayo.

Having gone home together after the cancellation of exams by the school authorities, they had sex-enhancing drugs and afterwards engaged in 11 rounds of sex.

The young man lost his life in the act while the girl was rushed to UCH. Reports noted that she was almost dead at the time.

In a new development, a statement on social media confirmed that Aramide died as well after battling for life in a coma.

It reads:
The Girl is also Dead 😭
A medical source at UCH Ibadan has confirmed that Aramide Adeleke has died in the coma from Tramadol overdose during the drug fueled s*x she had with Oromidayo Daniel. She was also reported to have suffered very huge v*gina tears in her private part #RIP 💔.”

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