Experts reveals the set of people who should avoid ‘standing postures’ during intercourse and why

Standing styles are among the most common intercourse postures that are being practiced around the world today, as it helps couples to gain more penetration and satisfaction during lovemaking.

From the Doggy, Wheelbarrow, and Upstanding Citizen among others, all of these intercourse postures require one or both partners to stand during lovemaking. However, many have suggested in recent times that these positions can lead to stroke during the intercourse process, especially the male.

But according to an expert, Dr. Akinde Joseph Akinshola (a consultant at St Peter Gynaecology), while speaking to the BBC Pidgin on Thursday, lovemaking doesn’t course stroke, but medically, there are possibilities for some couples(especially men) to suffer a stroke during lovemaking regardless of the style they practice.

This is because, during intercourse, the blood pressure of the man usually rises because of the many physical activities that they perform, and high blood pressure could lead to stroke in a hypertensive patient.

However, Sex therapist Aminat Eniola Eyeni, also stated that there are sets of people who are more likely to suffer a stroke or suffer any other side effects while practicing the Standing styles. These are old people, people that get seizures during orgasm, people with existing health problems like hypertensive patients, and so on.

So it’s advisable for this set of people to avoid styles that require them to stand while making love.

Note: these experts did not in any way condemn the standing intercourse postures, as they are one among the best and most enjoyable styles for those who are fit to use them, but you are only advised to avoid them if you are in any of the above-mentioned categories.

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