Everyday Habits That Can Reduce A Man’s Ability to Impregnate A Woman

Are you aware that there are certain common habits that can lower a man’s fertility rate? A man is said to be fertile if he can get his partner pregnant without any form of assistance but if a man is infertile, he either doesn’t produce healthy sperm cells or the concentration is poor. There are certain lifestyle factors that may trigger this form of infertility and we are going to examine them.

In this article in line with a publication on Mayo Clinic, we are going to have a look at some every day habits that can reduce a man’s ability to get a woman pregnant. Just sit tight and enjoy this article while learning something new.

What Are The Habits That Can Cause Infertility In The Long Run?

1. Sitting for too long – this is one of the common factors that can cause lower than normal sperm count in men due to the increased temperature around the scrotum. Sometimes due to the kind of work we do, we often sit for long periods but research has shown that this is unhealthy for a man’s fertility.

2. Wearing tight clothing or working on a laptop for too long can also heat up the testicles thus causing an unhealthy temperature for the sperm cells. Men who wear tight clothing or tight undies often see it as the best fashionable form of clothing but it is not entirely good for the sperm cells due to increased temperature.

3. Excess Alcohol Intake may also come in the way of a man’s fertility. Men easily get addicted to alcohol intake so much that they drink till they are tired of drinking or when they get drunk, but this is unhealthy and may cause infertility in the long run.

4. Smoking of cigarettes – this is unhealthy because nicotine may get injected into the blood and travel all the way to the testicles to inhibit production of quality sperm cells. So make sure you avoid smoking cigarettes if you have plans to get a woman pregnant or have kids.

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