Drinks You Should Take Regularly To Boost Immunity And Fight Against Disease

According to Healthline, there are certain beverages that are packed with essential nutrients for everyday health or for fighting off viruses such as the flu or cold.

The human diet varies with the nature of food available during the four seasons of the year, and in the period of low winter temperatures, the spread of viruses, colds, and influenza, people turn without thinking towards drinks and warm winter foods.

Eating healthy foods and drinks can enhance the immune system and provide the body with energy to carry out daily activities with vitality away from inactivity and laziness. Experts recommend drinking certain drinks can give the body energy and warmth, and they are divided according to the times of the day.

1. Thyme tea

A drink of thyme sweetened with honey contributes to relieving congestion, gives activity and vitality, activates the immune system, resists infections, and relieves joint pain.

2. Honey

It is recommended to drink a teaspoon of honey daily, or sweeten warm drinks with it instead of sugar, as it helps protect the body from winter infections because it contains many anti-inflammatory substances.

3. Basil drink

Basil infusion is ideal especially if we know that one of its benefits is to help cure colds, and it also makes breathing easier, is a stimulant for the lungs, is a calming nerve, and relieves headaches and fever.

4. Ginger drink

Ginger drink is one of the best hot drinks to provide the body with energy and warmth during the winter, and it has an antiviral effect. In addition to its many benefits in dissolving fat, it lowers cholesterol and gets rid of calories, by raising the metabolic rate.

5. Cocoa and chocolate drink

The cocoa drink gives the body warmth, vitality, and energy. It improves mood, in addition to the state of alertness that caffeine gives the body. The antioxidants in chocolate or cocoa, help prevent cancer and heart diseases and reduce the appearance of signs of aging.

6. Green tea

Green tea has many benefits for the body as it gives it warmth and energy, burns calories, rids it of toxins, strengthens immunity, resists winter diseases, and it also reduces harmful cholesterol.

7. Mint drink

Mint drinks provide the body with warmth and calm during sleep on cold winter nights, work to resist winter depression, and reduce high blood pressure.

8. Cinnamon drink

It strengthens the immune system, stimulates blood circulation, helps treat respiratory infections, coughs, and phlegm, and treats some digestive problems such as chronic constipation.

It also works to regulate the rate of blood sugar and is useful for those who suffer from the problem of cold fingers in the winter. It also helps treat head pain and headaches, and you should not drink too much, only one cup is enough.

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