Do Bananas Increase Blood Sugar Levels?

“According to”, bananas are great foods that are widely consumed for their health benefits to the body. Are loaded with calories, fibre and nutrients which makes them very healthy for the human body. So many people have wondered whether bananas can increase blood sugar levels and that is the question I want to answer in this article.

Studies have shown that a big ripe banana encompasses a moderately high glycemic index of about 52-56. However, a huge raw banana has a glycemic index of about 42, which is lesser.

For a proper understanding of this concept, the glycemic index is a percentage by which a matter alters your blood sugar in comparison with glucose (the standard glycemic index of glucose is 100). Having proper knowledge of this will help you judge substances that can tighten your blood sugar level by just having a knowledge of their glycemic index.

Thus, consuming a ripe banana may induce a surge in sugar levels for a while, but several studies have indicated that an elevated quantity of potassium and fiber in bananas heightens the body’s reaction to insulin in the long run. Therefore, consuming a single banana in between meals may be very good for you. The common proposition that people suffering from pre-diabetes or diabetes should avoid consuming sweet fruit is just a myth. You are free as long as you are keeping up with your carbohydrate needs.

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