DEAR MEN : Here are some reasons why you should stop chasing after women

Love is beautiful when it is mutual .Most of the times , men are the ones who chase after women as they seek to build love with them . However , if you thought that chasing after her will help increase chances of being with her , then you have to read this . This is a piece of advise coming from a woman , who knows how women think, and how they operate in certain ways .

The report seeks to help you understand why some women make men to chase them and why it is not a good idea to do so according to Jessica Opare .According to what Jessica thinks , there are two reasons why women make men chase after them .

The first one being the fact that she will not be interested in that man.When a woman is interested , she will not make the man chase after her for a long time . The other reason according to Jessica is that she will not be feeling safe with that particular man , hence making him chase her .

Reasons why men should not chase?

Jessica said that men should not chase after women because they should use that energy to chase their goals and dreams , after which women will be the ones chasing them .

Jessica added that men did not have to chase after women because in some cases , women will not be into them , hence a waste of time. She said men have to accept that women will not be interested as it won’t work.

The final reason according to Jessica as to why men do not have to chase women was that would be because they have to do the chase as well .

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