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Dear humanity, let’s stop spreading religion and start spreading love.

Dear humanity, let’s stop spreading religion and start spreading love.

You invented religion and gave it power to rule you, you’re wearing out and getting scared of nature because, the demons and stories you created to guide you are now manipulating you.

You no longer make use of your common sense and God given instinct, you attribute everything to religion and spirituality, you fight and kill one another because you don’t share the same faith, love for money and power is now ruling, the poor no longer get help from the rich.

The beautiful elements of nature have been abused in the name of spiritual awakening. I’m writing to you humanity to have a rethink, you empower a deity with your spoken words and charge it with blood to do evil, you go to church and curse yourself with your words and call it prayers, you intimidate the weak with your strength, you now depend on rituals and prayers to put food on your table than good skills and hard work, the inspiring words of the holy books you invented are now used selfishly, the image of God you created in your head is now bringing confusion, each belief system is claiming authority over the other because of differences in their doctrines and patterns to life.

You hate and talk down on one another because of your different religious view. Here in Africa, especially in Nigeria, we attribute everything to spirituality, nothing happens naturally again.

We accuse one another for being the cause of our problems because of what we’re made to believe from religion, we depend on God for everything even when we have the power to help ourselves, we create a beautiful image of a mermaid in the sea and sacrifice to her for riches, we blame spiritual husband and wife for everything, we use herbs for healing to kill, we take revenge in a hurry, everything we’ve given power to are now ruling and ruining us, churches, mosques and shrines have taken the space of companies we would have used to help ourselves, we use our super powers to promote scamming and killing innocent people.

Awake, all humanity! Bring back love and oness, let’s make our beautiful earth a better place. Let’s live humanly and love divinely.

And this is my own way of calling your attention to break out of illusion into reality, acknowledge the fact that humanity is one and what makes us one is mortality. I respect every religion cos it’s such a puzzle that keeps our mind busy, starting from the jesus, Muhammad and amadioha stories…mehn all of them are full of mysteries and puzzles that I can’t finish solving till I die.

My name is Tinalight and I love you. Keep loving.



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