Check Out Why Peeing After Intercourse Is Really Beneficial

So many health-related activities are involved during male and female intercourse. It is necessary to know the various things that might be at stake while you engage in carnal knowledge with your partner. Among the several challenges that sexually active partners do undergo is that of sexually transmitted diseases. But, other than that, there are still some other things that are not as serious as STIs, but could also pose some dangers to your health. That is why peeing after every intercourse is advisable and beneficial.

According to Healthline, as much as it is not necessary to pee after every intercourse, it could be beneficial at times. There is a particular factor to be considered in the area of why peeing after every intercourse might be beneficial

Peeing After Sex help prevents Urinary Tract Infection(UTI)

[A description of how the bacteria that causes UTI travels from the urethra to the bladder ]

Urinary tract infection is caused by bacteria. It occurs when bacteria enter the urinary tract. The bacteria enter the urinary tract and find their way into the bladder. Peeing after every intercourse help flushes out every bacteria that has possibly found its way into the urethra before it travels to the bladder.

When To Pee After Intercourse

It is advisable to pee after intercourse not more than thirty minutes after the act. This would help prevent the travel of the bacteria to the bladder. However, Peeing after sex is not an antidote to sexually transmitted diseases (STI).

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