Can Sex In The First 12 Weeks Of Pregnancy Cause Miscarriage?

“According to Healthline, ” so many people are worried about having intercourse ( especially during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy) but research has shown that there is no need to be worried about this since it is safe.

Research has shown that in a typical pregnancy, intercourse is safe throughout all 9 months, including the first trimester. Unless a health expert has told you not to have intercourse, there’s no reason to avoid it (regardless of how far along you are). The muscles encompassing your uterus as well as the amniotic fluid inside it help safeguard your baby during intercourse, and the mucus plug at the entrance of your cervix prevents germs from passing through.

Research has shown that there’s a higher likelihood of miscarriage in general during the first trimester compared with the other trimesters. Sadly, about 10 to 15 per cent of pregnancies end in miscarriage, with the majority of them happening in the first 13 weeks but it’s important to note that intercourse isn’t a cause. Research has shown that about one-half of miscarriages happen because of chromosomal abnormalities that develop during the fertilization of the embryo. That is why you should not attribute all cases of miscarriage to intercourse.

Everyone should take note of these tips.

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