Boy Who Built A Replica Of Overhead Kano Bridge Gets US Scholarship, Check What His Mum And Dad Got

Boy who Built a Replica of Overhead Kano Bridge Gets US Scholarship, Check what his mum and Dad got

A young boy’s talent has become the catalyst for the upliftment of his family as a construction company has taken note of it.

The young Nigerian lad identified as Musa Sani had become an internet sensation after a replica of the Kano state overhead bridge he built with locally-sourced materials went viral.

The blessing went around his family

Sharing snaps of Musa and his creation on Twitter, a Nigerian tweep with the handle @OvieNews announced that a construction company, Ronchess Global Resources, has offered Musa university scholarship to study in the United States.

@OvieNews who said he was contacted by the company’s CEO, added that the construction establishment also gifted Musa’s mum the sum of N1 million to start a business, while his father was given a job.

They also promised to enroll Musa’s siblings in good schools and will move the family to a furnished apartment in Maiduguri.

People celebrate the development

Nuruddeen Ibrahim Kafinta said: “MashaAllah. This is an endowment of gift and blessings from Allah.”

Centina J Aridi said: “Congratulations So good to hear..I’m so happy to hear this .

Eunice Alonge Obaro said: “Means nothing; father will probably just marry more wives and have more children.”

Sabiu Ibrahim said: “This is commendable. Let’s make this go viral to encourage both the kids and Ronchess Global Resources.”

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