Bowman Lusambo Mocks Arresting Officers (Video)

Bowman Lusambo mocks arresting officers (Video)

KABUSHI PF member of parliament Bowman Lusambo yesterday grabbed the attention of onlookers at the Lusaka Magistrates’ Court when he was apprehended by a combined team of officers from the Anti-Corruption Commission and Zambia Police.

Lusambo, who poured scorn on an ACC officer for wearing worn out shoes which he suspected were purchased from Kamwala market, charged that his arrest would not eradicate the economic hardships the country was facing.

Lusambo was appearing for mention before the Economic and Financial Crimes Court in a matter where he is facing 10 corruption-related charges among them one count of corrupt acquisition of public property, five counts of possessing property suspected to be proceeds of crime, three counts of tax evasion and one count of conspiracy to defraud.

He is jointly charged with his wife Nancy Manase for possessing four houses in Silverest Gardens, Chongwe which are suspected to be proceeds of crime.

Magistrate Faidess Hamaundu adjourned the matter to May 18 for commencement of trial.

Upon walking out of court, Lusambo noticed the presence of two armed police officers and other officers from the ACC to which he was startled and rushed back to court and sat for 30 minutes.

Nancy who was incurious about Lusambo’s intended arrest walked down the corridors of the court with her nephew Tiza Mukuka, a self-proclaimed youth advocate, leaving her husband behind to sort out his issues.

It took some minutes dor one of Lusambo’s suspended lawyers Jonas Zimba who was within the court premises to convince the Bulldozer to face his fears and avoid disrupting court proceedings.

As he was being led to an open van (Mazda) Lusambo charged that hunger was the major problem that the country was facing.

“Abantu bali nensala sana mulebachushafye. Insala eikulile mucalo so uumutumine muleya mumwebe ati problem ninsala not Bowman Lusambo. Balemichushafye nensapato ishi shapwa isha ku Kamwala eh bakapokola kumulanda wansala ici calo mwaice wandi balekuchushafye nkesa ku promoter don’t worry nefi futi ifi tafikwete inchito. (People are hungry. Hunger has spread across the country. Tell your masters that there is famine, don’t focus on me. They are just troubling you. With your worn out shoes from Kamwala, you police officers because of hunger my brother they are just troubling you. I will come and promote you. These guns have no use, they are not worth carrying),” charged Lusambo. “Uubatumine insala leka injikale apa muleya mumwebe umutumine ati insala eifulishe mucalo not ukwikata Bowman elo nga mwamwikata Bowman elo chibe shani? Bushe ninebo ndengele insala. Naikaba icalo nacikaba tuleyeni icalo ecikabilefye ukuteka abantu nokuteka ingombe fyalipusana. Ingombe shilya ifyani abantu balya ifyakulya. (Tell your masters that hunger is the problem and not arresting me. So what next if you arrest me? Am I the causer of the famine? There is anger in the country. Let’s go, people are just incensed. Rearing cattle and leading the nation is different. Cows feed on grass and people depend on food.”

The ACC said it had arrested Lusambo for interfering with witnesses.

“The Anti-Corruption Commission has charged and arrested former Lusaka Province minister Bowman Lusambo for attempting to interfere with a witness. Mr Lusambo, 45, of Chamba Valley area in Lusaka has been charged with three counts of attempting to interfere with a witness contrary to section 112(1)(b) as read with section 389(1) of the penal code Cap 87 of the Laws of Zambia,” said ACC spokesperson Queen Chibwe. “Details in the three counts are that Mr Lusambo, on dates unknown but between 7th February 2022 and 7th April 2022, in order to obstruct the due course of justice did endeavor to dissuade or prevent three named persons to give evidence as witnesses before a court of law. Mr Lusambo has since been detained and will appear in court soon.

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