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Black Chully Leaked Video Tape: Black Chully Finally React To Her LEAKED Video

Black Chully Leaked Video Download: Nigerian popular TikToker and Instagram celebrity, who doubles as Content Creator, Black Chully Leaked Video Is currently trending all over social media platforms.

It was gathered that the tapes, which were allegedly emitted online by an insider, have Black Chully conducting all patterns and sorts of s*xu*l activities, as she teases herself to gain orgasm.

Reacting to the Trending Video through live video on her TikTok account, black Chully made it known that she doesn’t know how the video got leaked online.

CLICK HERE TO WATCH Her Live Tiktok Video Crying And Insisting She Didn’t Release The Variety Of Tape Herself.

She also expressed that she can vow with her womb that she didn’t broadcast several controversial videos of herself conducting some copulation incitement.

Chully also announced that the tapes have been on her phone for several years, and she is currently shocked how an insider or maybe an extortioner got passage to her smartphone to extort the videos.

Black chilly also tendered an apology to her lovers, as well as her supporters, as she swears to the soul who performed the unlawful act on her. Chully noted that whoever broadcasted her videos must cry better than she did before the person perishes.

However, some alleged that the reason why her video is trending online is that she was selling her n*d* tape for 5k

According to the person

“Many years ago, black Chully was not known by anybody. And she wasn’t a content creator and didn’t have a brand. Things were very difficult for her therefore She allegedly used to sell her snaps (masturbation videos) to interested clients for N 5000.”

Yes, you read that right. Five Thousand Naira. She’d record the videos and send them to interested clients after payment. She stopped long ago when she started making money from real content creation”

One of the clients, discovering that she has blown, now used the videos to blackmail her serially and when she was tired of paying, he scattered them on the Internet.

Blackchully did the things she did because she never thought that she’d blow one day and become a figure adored by over 2 million people all over the world.


CLICK HERE TO WATCH Black Chully Leaked Video Tape

Black Chully Leaked Video Tape

Black Chully Leaked Video Tape

Black Chully Leaked Video Tape

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