Benefit Of Eating Mangoes During Pregnancy

Mango is a sweet fruit that is very popular in the world. It comes in different shapes, flavour and sizes and it mostly yellow or green in colour. Mango is also very good for the health as it contains nutrients such as, potassium, vitamin A, fiber, folate, sugar, carbohydrate, protein, vitamin C etc.

According to Healthline, mango is one of the fruits that a woman needs during pregnancy as a result of the following reasons.

1) It contains vitamin A which can lower the risk of complications like respiratory infections. It also helps in the proper functioning of the foetus, the immune system, the eyes and the skin.

2) It is also high in vitamin C and this can help in the maintenance of the bones, teeth, growth of cells and body tissues. It can also help to manage blood pressure and lower your risk of getting infections during pregnancy.

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