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American Adult Actor Says He’ll Hire Lady Whose Nude Video Went Viral On Social Media [VIDEO]

American adult actor and singer, King Nasir has said that he’s going to hire the lady whose leaked *** video went viral on social media some days ago.

The lady who is a student of the Akwa Ibom State University (AKSU) came out to plead with the public, saying that her intentions were never to disgrace the school.

She said that the video was made a long time ago before she gained admission and it was never intentional. She said that she had no idea that the video would resurface to haunt her.

She also revealed that she’s passing through a lot both mentally and otherwise as she pleads with the public, her school, her friends, and family members to forgive her.
“Please forgive me for everything. This video is far from me. currently, I am begging you all, please forgive me and save my life. Help me, because I am passing through a lot, because of all this, mentally and otherwise, thank you very much”.

She says in a video.

Meanwhile, King Nasir through a tweet has said that he’s willing to hire the young lady if she eventually gets expelled from her school. He also posted a video on social media, confirming what was tweeted by him.
“I don’t know if you all have heard this but apparently this woman who goes to a university in Nigeria just went viral for her *** tape video and I just tweeted that if they expel her, I’ll hire her.”

He says in the video.


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