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Alagba The Royal Ogbomoso Tortoise That Lived For 344 Years

There are a lot of mysterious things that the universe has directed to the Yoruba race, one of these things is the oldest Tortoise who has lived in the palace of the Soun of Ogbomosho for over 344 years. It was documented that the strange tortoise was brought to the palace in the reign of the third traditional ruler of the town, Isan Okumoyede.

The Tortoise was named Alagba over the years because of its longevity and age. Alagba became popular because Oba Oladunni Oyewumi, Soun of ogbomoso land, who used his personal resources to cater for her well being.

The tortoise had two staff members of the palace, dedicated to her providing food, health support and other logistics, so as to make sure she gets the best treatment. A whole lot of tourists visited Ogbomoso and the palace of Soun just to have a glimpse of this mysterious tortoise some others on the other hand came to consult the sacred Tortoise who claims had it to have healing powers.

Alagba died in October 2019 after living for over 344 years. Sacred burial rights were done in respect of this ancient Tortoise however, reports have it that Alagba’s body has been petrified and preserved as a national and historical treasure…TAB HERE TO WATCH VIDEO

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