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“After all the bragging look at you now”- Slay queen boasts after defeating man in the bedroom

Bestshowbiz came across a video of a lady filming an area boy she had been having fun with for 6 hours.

When she prepared a film to show the fatigued state she left a man in after she warned him about getting knocked out if he engaged in coitus with her, she appeared to be gloating.

The lady recorded a video of a tired-looking male sweating and panting on a chair, revealing that the coitus they’d just had was the cause of his condition.

She warned him about getting knocked unconscious before their intercourse, but he refused to believe her and went on to have sekz with her nevertheless.

She’s seen in the video trying to give him water to drink, but he couldn’t even take a sip due to his weary state.

boasting about this, the girl then goes on to declare she has ‘done’ to him to the point that he can’t even drink water.

The caption on the video, which was allegedly posted by the lady, reads, “I pity him sha.”

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