8 Things Your Woman Wants From You Asides Giving Her Money

It is true Women love money but not all of them, a woman who truly loves you will want more than just your, she will want a man who loves her deeply and man that can do these 10 things below;

1. Women Love spending quality time with their men, whenever they are or you are less busy they will want to come around or invite you over. A woman who likes you will never get tired of your company.

2. Women love frequent phone calls and text messages, they want you to check up on them atleast twice everyday, they will always crave for more. Learn to call your woman atleast twice everyday and you’ll see the change in bond.

3. Hold her waist or put your hand across her shoulders, they even enjoy it when you make public display of her as your woman, your girlfriend wants you to hold hands with her, put your hands on her shoulders or waist.

4. Always take your woman out whenever you have what it takes, they love it, they love going to new places with their man. Do your best and try out new eateries, cinemas or cooling spots.

5. Women naturally love surprises and gifts, so get your girl gifts, surprise her and don’t wait till it’s her birthday. Be a gentleman and make her happy to have you.

6. Brag about your woman in public and she’ll love you more, tell you lucky you are for having her in your life. Make your woman feel special and cherished.

7. Talk to your woman, reveal to her what’s going on, carry her along, don’t leave her in the blind spot, she’ll always be worried and want to show care. Value your woman, she is the first person you should talk to about anything, don’t underestimate her please.

8. Pay attention to your woman and regard her opinions and decisions, back her up, support her and she will always cherish you.

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