8 Things You Can Use Onions To Do For Your Body

There’s no country in the world where you’ll go and not find onions. This is because it’s very useful and medicinal for us. Aside from using onions to cook, there are other things you can use onions for, which have a lot of benefits for your body.

1. The first thing you can use onions to do is that you can use onions to fade away stretch marks. Get some onion juice, mix it with a stretch mark cream, and rub it on your body for about twelve weeks.

2. Onions can be used to heal scar tissues on your skin. According to WebMD, the chemical content of onions can be used to prevent skin diseases such as skin cancer and inflammation.

You can make some gel out of onions and mix it with aloe vera gel. Rub it on your skin to fade away scars. You can do this for about ten weeks before you start seeing results.

3. Bald men can blend onions and apply the juice to the areas where they want hair to regrow. They might have their hair regrowing after 8 weeks of application.

4. Someone who has hypertension can prepare some onion juice and drink it for about six weeks to lower their blood pressure. This is especially for those suffering from hypertension due to constriction of the heart ventricle.

5. If you are finding it difficult to sleep at night, drinking onion juice might help you fall asleep quickly. However, this is not a medication to be used to sleep very well for a long time.

6. If you have diabetes, you can go on an onion diet for about eight weeks. Eat a lot of onions. Your blood sugar level might reduce to a normal level.

7. People who have asthma can use onions to loosen their lungs to allow them to breathe easily. Just blend some onions and drink them.

8. If you have cancer in your stomach, eating a lot of onions, especially on an empty stomach in the morning, might help you get rid of cancer or reduce its growth.

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