8 Common Foods That Can Damage Your Kidney If Taken Excessively.

A lot of things can damage the kidney, however, studies have shown that the two most common conditions that affect the kidney are diabetes and high blood pressure. Hence, if both diabetes and high blood pressure can be controlled, then, the kidney will be safe. Thus, in this situation, a balanced diet and regular exercise can keep both diabetes and high blood pressure under control.

This also means that you will particularly pay attention to your blood sugar and your insulin intake.

When the kidneys are damaged, a lot of things will be noticed in the body system, and a primary indication is the building up of waste products and fluid in the body. If this happens, it will cause a lot of things in the body, which includes poor sleep, shortness of breath, swelling in the ankles, weakness, and nausea.

According to WebMD, if this is not immediately treated, the damage can get worse, and thus, the kidneys may eventually stop working, and it will be life-threatening (that is, it may take your life).

What we consume (eat or drink) can either damage our kidney or keep it safe. However, a lot of foods can damage the kidney, and more precisely, these are foods people eat a lot.

Thus, we will be seeing some common foods that can damage the kidney if “taken excessively.”

1. Canned foods

2. Whole wheat bread

3. Avocado

4. Creamy soups that contain dairy

5. Dark-colored soda

6. Sardines and fish roe

7. Organ meats

8. Banana

Hence, you should pay attention to the intake of these foods, because they can be detrimental to your kidney if taken excessively.

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