7 Types of Foods That Can Cause Miscarriage in Early Pregnancy

Every woman should take proper care of herself, once she is pregnant, and this also includes the been mindful of the foods she eats.

This article discusses the various meals that can result in a miscarriage in a pregnant woman. Take your time and study everything to make sure you don’t eat these items when you’re pregnant.

1. Regularly Consumption of Pineapple.

According to healthline, bromelain is present in the popular fruit pineapple, and it softens the cervix and causes early labor contractions, resulting in miscarriage in pregnant women.

When a pregnant lady drinks too much pineapple, she will hemorrhage.

2. Excessive consumption of animal liver.

Another study found that because the animal liver is high in vitamin A if a pregnant woman consumes it regularly, more than twice a month, it can be dangerous, as it promotes the progressive accumulation of retinol, which can be harmful to the newborn baby’s health.

3. Pawpaw (Papaya).

According to WebMD, Pawpaw is another popular fruit that a pregnant lady should avoid. Unripe pawpaw should be avoided by pregnant women due to the presence of certain components that act as laxatives and can also trigger premature labor.

4. Processed Meat / Mercury Fishes.

A pregnant lady should be cautious when it comes to eating meat and fish. Mercury-rich fish and processed meats such as sausages, minced meat, and other processed meats are damaging to a pregnant woman’s health.

Processed meats contain pathogens such as listeria, Toxoplasma gondii, and salmonella, which should be avoided by pregnant women. Miscarriage can be caused by such meals, hence they should be avoided.

5. Eggs/Poultry consumption can lead to miscarriage.

Yes, most women are addicted to eggs, but once you become pregnant, you should stop eating them since eggs contain salmonella bacteria, which can cause miscarriage.

If you must consume it, heat it thoroughly until it is entirely firm. Avoid foods like eggnog, homemade mayonnaise, mousse, soufflé, and smoothies that include raw egg yolks since they are particularly dangerous to pregnant women.

6. Another dangerous substance for a pregnant woman is alcohol, which causes miscarriages. You are free to take/drink alcohol while you are a woman, but after you become pregnant, you must quit drinking to avoid increasing your chances of miscarriage or stillbirth.

7. Stay away from junk food.

We all know that 90% of junk foods provide little nutritional benefit and instead increase the number of calories, fats, and sugars in the human body. Sugar/sugar meals should be avoided by pregnant women since they have a significant link to gestational diabetes and heart disease, and they can also harm the baby in the womb by raising the risk of an overweight baby.

To save herself and her baby, a pregnant woman should avoid the items listed above and others when she becomes pregnant.

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