7 Things Your Tongue Tells About Your Health

Things that your tongue can tell you about your overall well-being include.

1. White Patches

According to WebMD. Thrush, a fungal illness, could be the cause of the white spots (shown here). After an illness or medication has tipped the balance of bacteria in your mouth, you may notice a buildup of plaque. Lichen planus, a condition in which white spots seem lacy, is a sign that your body’s immune system is attacking your mouth’s tissues. There is a link between cancer and leukoplakia if you see hard, flat, white spots that can’t be scraped away. Let your dentist know if you notice any white areas.

2. Hair on Your Tongue

It is possible to have a hairy tongue if your tongue is covered in black, brown or white fur. It’s the proteins that form these “hairs” that make the bumps into lengthy strands where food and germs get stuck. If you brush or scratch your tongue, it should go away. You may have oral hairy leukoplakia if you notice hairy, white areas that you can’t remove. People who are infected with viruses such as Epstein-Barr or HIV are at risk for this.

3. Black Tongue

The color of a hairy tongue can range from white to black. After using an antacid containing bismuth, your tongue may get dark. In some cases, when it is mixed with saliva, it causes the tongue to turn black. When you stop using the medication, the symptom will go away on its own.

4. Bright Red Tongue

One early sign of Kawasaki disease is a strawberry-red tongue. This rare and serious illness affects blood vessels all over the body and most commonly affects children. Scarlet fever might also cause it. If you have a crimson, smooth tongue and soreness in your mouth, your body may be deficient in vitamin B3.

5. Burning Feeling

It’s possible that you have burning mouth syndrome if your tongue burns and tastes metallic or unpleasant. Could be an issue with the nerves in the tongue. Aside from dry mouth, other health issues, like infections, acid reflux and diabetes can cause it. For some, pineapple, toothpaste, mouthwash, sweets, and gum can all cause a burning sensation in the mouth.

6. Smooth Tongue

Glossy red may be the appearance of a tongue without any little bumps on the top. Iron, folic acid, and B vitamins are all important nutrients to obtain enough of if you want to avoid getting it. Celiac disease, infections, and several drugs are among the possible culprits. It’s possible that you have geographic tongue if you have regions of smooth skin interspersed with bumps. In certain cases, the areas can be painful or even burn. Psoriasis or lichen planus may be linked to it, but it’s not dangerous.

7. Bumps

Canker sores, little, painful, reddish lumps that appear and disappear on their own under the tongue, are widespread. When your tongue is affected, “lie bumps,” or transitory lingual papillitis, might appear as a single unpleasant bump at the tip. Viruses can also create a lot of tiny lumps on the tip and the sides of the earlobes. Let your doctor or dentist know if you have a lump on or under your tongue that hurts and doesn’t go away. You’ll be subjected to an oral cancer screening.

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