7 Things Ladies Are Looking For In A Relationship

First of all, you need to understand that not every female, or male for that matter, is the same. With that said, most females want similar things in their relationships with an added thing here or there. Some want athletic men, some want “dad-bods”, some don’t care about that. Some want smaller packages, some want larger packages… all in all, just know that the differences are there but the usual things a lady is looking for in a relationship includes:

1. Understanding. Take their feelings into account and do not be dismissive.

2. Care. Be thoughtful and caring to them. Treat them with love and care.

3. Be assertive. They want you to be assertive in your actions. But don’t be a fool about it. Include her in every decisions, but be assertive in taking actions once the decisions are made.

4. Acknowledge her. Sometimes we as men, do not take the time to stop and really acknowledge the things our female partners do or put up with in their daily lives. So, stop later and really look deep into her soul. Acknowledge her efforts no matter how big or small they are.

5. Friendship. Be her friend. Her best friend is even better. She wants to be able to let loose and be herself around you. She wants to tell you her deepest thoughts, secrets, and feelings. And you as her partner need to help her trust in you that she can do those things with you.

6. Appreciation and Love. Love her. Stop saying “I love you” but never show it. It is hard having to juggle life, work, kids, wife, personal health… it’s non-stop. She understands what you go through and that you have a huge burden on your shoulders that you must be a man. But, she desperately needs you to stop and really show her how much you appreciate and love her.

7. Partnership. This is the last thing I have to place here. But it is perhaps one of the most important. This really encompasses all the above items into one. To be a partner you must be understanding, patient, caring, acknowledging, loving, appreciative, a friend, and finally assertive with all of that.

Lots to take in right? Well, that is what it takes to be a man and a parent to a woman. It is actually very easy, especially when you love that person. Trust me, if you love someone, these things will come as second nature.

Hope this helps!!

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