7 Things A Woman Notices in A Man Within Minutes

When a man approaches a woman, the woman’s brain makes an instant assessment and attempts to decide if she likes him or not within minutes of being with that man.

There are a lot of things that women think about, but there are a few things that are universally thought about. A shot with her might be possible if her appraisal is fair, but if her judgment is harsh, it’s going to be an uphill battle from that point on.

It doesn’t take long for her to decide whether or not she likes you; it’s just a matter of a few seconds, and so many things come into play.

1. The structure of your body.Women are more attracted to a well-built man, and they can tell within a few seconds whether or not they like your height and weight. As a result, this will have a significant impact on what happens next.

2. The attraction of the facial features

One of the things that most women perceive in a matter of minutes is the face’s attractiveness or unattractiveness. If she thinks you’re cute, she’ll show some attention, no matter how slight; nevertheless, if she thinks you’re hideous, the going will be tough. The facial hair, beards, mouths, eyes, jawlines, and other features all play a role in how handsome or repulsive a person’s face is.

3. It’s all about how you look.When meeting a man for the first time, most women pay attention to how he dresses, how he cares for his hair, and other aspects of his appearance. The way a man dresses says a lot about him and speaks volumes about his character. In certain cases, I’ve even seen men with terrible appearance but amazing clothes go away with the beautiful women. The way you look might cover a lot of your weaknesses.

4. Confidence

Even from a distance, a man’s level of confidence can be discerned. There is no doubt about his confidence level from the moment he opens his mouth—and every woman is drawn to a confident man. A man lacking in self-assurance would not be considered attractive by most women.

5. How you talk about it. Even if you have a lot of other attractive features, she won’t be interested in you if you can’t have a decent conversation with her. No lady enjoys a snobby guy.

6. Humor.

She also notes that he has a nice sense of humour, which is a bonus. A solid conversational ability is fine, but if she gets a smile out of it, that’s much better. To win her heart, all you have to do is make her smile.

7. Joke around.A woman looks at your smile to see if you’re friendly, safe, and trustworthy. Because of this, if she perceives these qualities in your grin, she will be drawn to you; if the opposite is true, she will be uninterested in you.

When a woman sees a man for the first time, her brain tries to figure out whether or not he’s handsome or ugly. As soon as she sees you, she’s already made up her mind about you.

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