7 Things A Lady Will Do If She Doesn’t Like You

A girl who doesn’t like you will show it out, she’ll find it difficult to hide how she feels, she must show you signs. In this article, we will be discussing some signs ladies show when they don’t like you.

1. A girl who doesn’t like you will not call you or text you to check how you are doing, you are not the one she wants so she won’t care, she will not even call you back when she misses your calls sometimes. She wants distance from you.

2. A girl who doesn’t like you will easily get upset by some words you say, even if you are joking and the words are not offensive she will always find offense to stay away from you.

3. A girl who doesn’t like you will always say she is busy, she always has one thing or another that is more important than you are. If a girl tells you this, pack your bags and move. Someone who loves you will always create time for you no matter what.

4. A girl who doesn’t like you will always be asking you for money, asking for money and doesn’t care how you get it or how you’ll get broke, all she wants is your money.

5. A girl who doesn’t like you will always put the blame on you even if she is at fault, she’ll never admit her wrongs and will be very hard for her to apologise, you’ll be the one apologising for her faults because you like her.

6. A girl who like you will not suffer with you, she will make no sacrifices for you she will abandon you during your dark days. A girl who doesn’t love you will leave you as soon as she notices you are bankrupt.

7. A girl who doesn’t like you wants you to do everything for her, whatever she tells you to do , she wants it done and immediately.

What other things do you see girls do if they don’t like a guy, write your comments below and let’s discuss.

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