6 Reasons Why Some Men Can Refuse To Marry A Woman

A few women often complain about how men no longer approach them and how men aren’t prepared to settle with them. One of the things you should first consider is if your brother can marry someone like you.

Your beauty may attract them, but your quality and value will compel them to grow old with you.

The following secrets and tactics will assist you to get married to the right partner without any problems:

1. Men despise phony lifestyles: Don’t always borrow a car or wear a set of fake breasts and buttocks to appease a man. Because if he finds out, you are on your own. Please be yourself at all times.

2. Maintain a respected appearance in attire: people will always judge you based on how you dress. Men can tell whether you’re a slay queen or a wife material just by looking at your clothes.

3. Be a fantastic cook: If any man tells you that he doesn’t enjoy well-prepared food, tell him he’s lying. Please learn how to create proper meals

4. Men despise liabilities: Being a graduate or non-graduate does not preclude you from learning skills such as fashion design, baking, interior design, hair styling, or even starting a business such as buying and selling foodstuffs, and so on. Men don’t want to marry a woman who doesn’t participate in activities because they perceive it as a liability.

5. Men don’t like boss women: if you want to stay under a man as a wife, don’t constantly boss him around, even if you’re richer than him, because men appreciate women who admire and respect them a lot.

6. Don’t try to persuade him: some women like to put pressure on men to see their parents about marriage prospects. Please give him a decent amount of time to make his decision, as men dislike being put under pressure, especially when planning a wedding.

Every woman should stick to the tips of this article.

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