6 Mistakes We Often Make While Having A Conversation With Someone

1. Forgetting to ask questions — make the other person feel like you’re interested in him or her. Form a common bond by asking questions and then follow-up questions — taking nuggests from what he or she gives you and form more questions. You will get connected quickly and automatically.

2. Talking about yourself too much — you need to make sure to bring the other person in. Engage with the other person on a deeper level — this is for all types of people with which you converse. Respond to him or her and also connect with him or her by piggy-backing off of something he or she has already told you.

3. Looking at your phone when talking to someone — put your phone away when you’re talking. Your conversation needs to be more important than your phone.

4. Sucking at sharing an idea or telling a story — you need to learn and get better at it.

5. Not being interesting to talk to — step outside of your box to become interesting.

6. Not practicing with people that ‘don’t matter’ — practice conversation starters and small talks with baristas, servers, cashiers, and more. Small talk will be more effortless, the more you practice, the more you will be better when you are at a meeting, function, or meeting someone for the first time. You will be able to start a conversation and continue to carry it.


How do you solve this issues? Here are some ways to solve this;

+ Give a compliment — it makes the person feel good and like you more. Never compliment a woman’s physical feature. Compliment something he or she is wearing or his or her car.

+ Ask how their day is going — then ask a follow-up question. You can get them talking more, and you can interject or ask more questions.

+ Ask what their story is — they will smile, and then it allows them to tell you what they want to tell you. It’s an ice breaker that connects.

+ Ask what they do for a living — to connect better, ask what their hobby is or what they do on weekends – as many people don’t feel comfortable with ‘what do you do for a living.’

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