6 Foods And Drinks Pregnant Women Should Avoid Eating

As a pregnant woman, you longer think only about yourself when it comes to choosing what to eat or drink. You also have to think about if it’s safe for your unborn baby or not. Your foetus is still developing, and it’s very fragile. As such, it may not be able to fight back when exposed to diseases causing microorganisms through your foods and drinks.

In this article, in line with reports gathered from both Healthline and Baby Center, we shall be looking at some foods and drinks that can harm unborn babies pregnant women should avoid at all costs.

1. Unripe Papaya

As a pregnant woman, you should never eat unripe papaya for any reason. This is because unripe papaya contains a latex that can trigger uterine contractions like the hormones oxytocin and prostaglandin. This can cause premature labour.

2. Seafood high in mercury

If you are pregnant, stay away from high mercury seafood, such as fishes that have high mercury contents. Examples are king mackerel, tuna, swordfish, tilefish, etc.

Mercury is a toxic element that can damage your baby’s developing brain and nervous system.

3. Raw or undercooked eggs

If you must eat eggs, they should be properly cooked. Raw or undercooked eggs can cause cramps in the uterus, leading to premature birth or stillbirth. Foods that contain raw eggs include lightly scrambled eggs, poached eggs, hollandaise sauce, homemade mayonnaise, some homemade salad dressings, homemade ice cream, and homemade cake icing.

4. Raw milk and fruit juices

Unpasteurized milk and juices may contain dangerous bacteria such as Listeria monocytogenes which can cause Listeriosis, a serious health concern in babies.

5. Salty And Sugary Foods

Salty foods are high in sodium and as we all know, pregnancy makes you prone to swelling. Excess sodium may make this situation worse, as high sodium leads to water retention in the body.

Sugary foods can spike up your blood sugar levels and your baby may not have enough insulin to cope with.

Examples of salty and sugary foods you should stay away from include, bread, frozen meat, cakes, ice cream, salad dressing, etc.

6. Alcohol

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can cause miscarriage, stillbirth and fetal alcohol syndrome. This fetal alcohol syndrome is a serious medical condition that involves facial deformities, heart defects and intellectual disabilities in babies. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Eat healthily for yourself and a healthy baby.

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