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5 Ways to Activate Your Abundance Of Wealth

The concept of success is rapidly developing. It all boils down to having more of what you already have, whether you define abundance or success as money, health, happiness, travel, business growth, or personal growth.

Wanting more than you have takes personal development in order to get it. You may believe that you must only expand on a business level, but this is not the case. For your business to grow and become more profitable, attract more clients, and sell more of your products, you must become more confident, visible, expressive, clear, and determined… you must become more as well.

You will face challenges, droughts, moments when your progress is halted, and times when you will want assistance from beyond your natural existence. As a result, tending to your own garden will assist you in activating your own abundance flow.

Here are five basic behaviors that will help your inner garden prosper:

1. Plant your abundance seeds

These are the initial thoughts that spring to mind as you consider what you want to achieve and accomplish in your life.

2. Set powerful intentions of what it is that you want to achieve in your life

The first step is to decide what you wish to obtain. Consider the beautiful plants and flowers you’d like to have in your garden. You can easily visualize a rose since it is clear, colorful, aromatic, and lovely. Make a mental picture of how you want your intention to appear and feel.

3. Pay attention to your power

Ascertain that it is ‘coming’ at the greatest possible vibration. So pay attention to your inner dialogue about your intentions. If negative ideas, such as “I’ll never get this,” “this isn’t something anybody will listen to,” or the worst, “this is going to take such an effort, better not to try,” are drowning out your objective. Your energetic vibration will be lower than usual.

So turn these negative thoughts into positive statements: “I am absolutely going to get this”, “the right people will love hearing what I have to say”, “I am so excited to do whatever it takes to achieve this, whatever it takes, no matter what”, “I am so excited to do whatever it takes to achieve this, whatever it takes, no matter what”, and you’ll soon see and feel a difference in your ability to manifest abundance.

4. Resource yourself

You are the driving force behind this abundance flow, so if you are running on empty, you will be impeding the flow by putting everyone else around you first. So make time to relax, enjoy yourself, pamper yourself, and generally care after yourself. This communicates to the Universe that you believe you are deserving of your goals, that you live a life filled with self-love, and that you place a high value on your own self and energy.

5. Take action

It’s all well and good to plant abundant seeds, establish powerful intentions, pay attention to your energetic frequency, and resource yourself, but if you don’t take action toward your dreams every day, they will remain dreams. As with any garden, there are daily duties to be completed. Make a list of them and mark them off as you complete them. Continue to tend to your garden and plant your seeds of abundance.

Abundance is your birthright and comes from within you. It flows through you. It’s more than money or success; it’s the opportunity to live and experience everything you can; it’s the love you have for yourself and everything else. It is something that develops through time.

Please forward this message to your friends and family. Please add your thoughts as well.

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