5 Things You Shouldn’t Do Immediately After Having S£x

After having intercourse, you may feel the need to remain in bed to rest for a while until you fall asleep. However, if you don’t wash up after intimacy, you run the chance of being infected with unpleasant infections like urinary tract infections.

After having intercourse they are certain things you should avoid doing to prevent infections such as yeast infection, urinary tract infections, and other infections that are transmittable during intimacy.

Some of the things you shouldn’t do after intercourse include.

1. Don’t wear tight clothes and sleep.

Your body warms up after s£x and you tend to sweat. If you wear a nylon or synthetic lingerie, it might create abrasions. What’s more, those nylon undies might lead to itchiness after getting in contact with vaginal secretions.

2. Don’t use intimate wipes.

“Most intimate wipes are laden with artificial fragrances and preservatives. Using them might increase the risk of infections and rashes”, says D. Pratima Thamke, obstetrician and gynecologist at Motherhood Hospital, Pune.

3. Wash your hands.

Remember you have touched the genitals of your partner. Therefore, you will need to wash your hands thoroughly to stop the spread of bacteria. If you refuse to do this, It can lead to multiple bacterial infections.

4. Make sure you pee.

Since our urethra is closer to the vagina, it may get infected during s£x. So once you have done the deed, excuse yourself and go to the washroom and pee! Even a Trinkle will do the work, as all you need to do is push out whatever may have gotten inside the urinary tract.

5. No Pain, Loads To Gain.

After s£x, if you experience discharge or bleeding or any kind of pain that persists, consult a doctor. “Don’t ignore abnormal bleeding or discharge after sex, it could be a sign of infection or a lesion of your reproductive tract.

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