5 Things That Make You Nauseous After Having Intercourse.

Nausea after intimacy can affect anyone and there are different reasons why it can occur.

According to Healthline, nausea after having intimacy can be because of acute and chronic medical conditions. Some causes of nausea after intimacy include:

1. Dehydration.

2. Pelvic inflammatory disorder

3. Urinary tract infection.

Other causes of nausea after intimacy include:

4. Endometriosis

Endometriosis is an issue where tissue similar to the tissue that forms the lining of your womb develops outside of your uterine cavity. The outcome can be cramping, bleeding, and pain during intimacy. Some people with this condition also complain of nausea due to pain or discomfort after intimacy when they have endometriosis.

5. Anxiety or nerves

Sometimes the trigger of nausea after intimacy isn’t a physical one. Anxiety and nervousness can be caused by feelings of nausea and stomach upset. Sometimes, you may feel uncomfortable having intimacy or having intimacy with a certain partner. These all have the power to cause nausea.

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