5 Things ladies do NOT want men to know about them

There is always a healthy mystery that keeps men and women from knowing all there is about each other. This makes sense because some things could simply be too mortifying to share with someone else and others just simply bizarre.

That didn’t stop men from finding five things that the ladies want to keep hush-hush!

5. We are cry babies!

Yes women are more emotional than men though very few of us like to admit it. It isn’t solely based on our ability to be mature however. This is because women’s tear glands are different from men’s. Women cry an average of 5.3 times per month compared to men who cry 1.4 times!

4. Our farts smell more!

It’s not a pretty fact. But before you judge women just remember that passing has is normal. The average person does so 14 times a day! Women have more Hydrogen sulfide and so the fats are are little more.. toxic.

3. We get constipated more…

Remember those yogurt adverts growing with women talking about body movements? Well they were quite correct, embarrassing though they might have been. Women tend to get constipated more often than men.

It might seem disturbing fellas but conditions in the women’s reproduction system are suitable for sperm cells to thrive for days! All it takes is one to impregnate a women so be sure to remember that and use protection.

1. There are bugs… in the vagina

Don’t freak out! This is perfectly healthy but there are microbes that exist inside women to keep the vaginal in pristine condition. They help to ward off Sexually Transmitted diseases, urinary tract infections and yeast infections!

Did you know these things about women? Let me know in the comments…

Thank you for your time!

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