5 Symptoms of HIV

According to “Healthline”, The human immune virus popularly known as HIV is a very deadly disease that affects millions of people around the whole world. It is a sexually transmitted disease that has had no remedy since its existence. However, there are different kinds of infections, but HIV is considered the common health problem many people are suffering from today.

The human immune virus can be transferred through unprotected intercourse, sharing the same needle with the victim, breastfeeding, and blood transfusions. However, there are several signs and symptoms associated with this condition that most people are not aware of. This article will educate you on five warning signs of HIV you should not take for granted.


A rash can be an early sign of HIV, occurring as a result of seroconversion. This is the acute, or early stage of HIV, which occurs within 1–2 weeks of exposure to the virus. During the seroconversion or acute HIV stage, the body produces antibodies to the virus. Although not all rashes signify HIV, consult your doctor if you notice strange rashes in your body.

Severe Weight Loss

It is good you lose weight sometimes because being obese or overweight is a risk factor for many health issues. However, weight loss, sometimes called HIV wasting syndrome, is an unplanned weight loss of more than 10 percent of body weight with either diarrhea or weakness and fever that lasts more than 30 days.

Breathing problems and persistent coughing

Night sweats

Muscle pain

Please seek medical attention once you begin to notice these signs in your body. Thanks for reading through. Do you have any questions regarding this article? You can let us know via the comments section below.

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