5 Simple ways to see if your partner love you genuinely

You know if you love your partner, but do you know if your partner loves you back? These days, determining whether or not you are genuinely loved by your partner is extremely difficult. Love does not bind all relationships. It’s a good idea to check to determine if your partner truly loves you in order to define your status in their lives. Without further hullabaloo, here are five simple ways to tell if your partner loves you.

1. Stage a fake call in the presence of your partner

Pretending to be having a long chat with the other gender in front of your partner should make him or her envious. You can use this simple trick to see if he or she doesn’t want to be separated from you.

2. Ignore your boyfriend or girlfriend on social media.

See how they react if you don’t respond to their message or call on social media. Only someone who doesn’t care about you will be unconcerned by your actions. If love is present, though, be prepared for some inquiry.

3. Don’t call or contact your partner for a week.

These tricks may appear absurd, yet they work. Your partner’s reply will reveal how much your disappearance means to him or her. If he/she doesn’t phone you within that week, you should start looking for a way out.

4. Don’t give money out.

This isn’t to say that you should be selfish in your relationship. Avoid giving your partner cash when he or she asks for it just once. Something is wrong if failing to meet their demand or need at that time impacts their behavior toward you. If you refuse to send them money, someone who genuinely loves you will not reconsider his or her thoughts.

5. Ask for a breakup.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. This test is an example of you going too far. If he/she doesn’t love you, it could end in tears. It’ll be a relief to be rid of him. Heartbreak, on the other hand, will be present. If your spouse agrees to end the relationship right away, it means he or she doesn’t love you. The one who loves you, on the other hand, will not accept it right away.

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