5 Signs Your Partner Is Sleeping With Someone Else

Marriage is one of the sacred institutions that were ordained by God himself. Therefore there is need for people who are married to respect their marriages and avoid cheating or sleeping anyhowly with those who are not the Partners.

However, for one to be secured in relationship, the following are signs that will show or indicate that your partner is sleeping with someone else and therefore you must take action before it’s too late.

1. They find it difficult to allow you touch their phones.

Technology is one of them factors that has led to easy communication between partners. Phones are one of the communication gadgets which are crucial in a relationship. if you discover that your partner is not allowing you to use their mobile phones, this might be a true indicator that they are sleeping with someone else and that the communication between the two is something secret.

2. The partner is no longer interested in the physical intimacy.

Physical intimacy is one of the sweetest part of a relationship between the married. However, if your partner always find excuses in case you want to meet physically. It might be a true indicator that they are satisfied somewhere else and they do not truly need your satisfaction even if you are married together.

3. They arrive Home late from work and does not explain the reasons for the delay.

when you are in a relationship, you should always know the schedule of your partner when and at what time we are supposed to arrive home. In case you find it awkward or extremely unable to explain the change of timings coming home, it might be a true indicator that they might be going somewhere else after they are done with the job. This is truly something that you should take note of.

4. Taking a shower as soon as they get home, even though it is not their usual routine.

Yes, it’s good to take a shower after you arrive home immediately after your job. But however, if this becomes persistent and becomes unusual to your partner, you must be very careful about it. Sometimes, partners take a shower immediately after arriving at home just to hide the evidence that they have been with someone else and they want to clean up themselves so that they remain fresh and avoid any doubts from their partners.

5. Being with you is no longer entertaining.

In case your partner finds it difficult to enjoy with this the moment you are together, it means there is someone who is satisfying them somewhere else so they no longer need you in any manner.

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